Who's afraid of Muccassassina? My World in the Disco and Vice Versa

Original title: Chi ha paura della Muccassassina? Il mio mondo in discoteca e viceversa

By: Luxuria V.

First published in Italy: Bompiani, 2007

Genere: Biographical novel

Overview: Vladimir Luxuria tells his story choosing Muccassassina (Killer cow) as a narrative thread. A well-known Roman club, Muccassassina was born after a series of fundraising events and canvassing campaigns to support the LGBT movement. In this novel, Muccassassina becomes a metaphor not only of good times and vitality, but also of freedom and civil commitment, pride, and pacifism.

A Wig is Not Enough. Stories of Male to Female Transgenderism

Original title:Non basta una parrucca. Storie di transessualismo dal maschile al femminile

By: Veneziani A., Gori I.

First published in Italy: Fandango Libri, 2021

Genere: Social sciences

Overview: “A wig is not enough” is a journey into the world of transgenderism, where seventy transgender women tell their stories, chosen out of about four hundred interviews collected in more than three years of work. A book made of stories, humanity and courage, accompanied by a collection of additional texts by scholars and artists who worked with the transgender world during their careers.