Sex, Gender, and Orientation Differences. Good Practices for Inclusion

Original title: Le differenze di sesso, genere e orientamento. Buone pratiche per l’inclusione 

By: Graglia M.

First published in Italy: Carocci Faber, 2019

Genere: Non-fiction

Overview: Which are the contemporary gender identities? What does inclusion consist of? What are the most effective actions to promote it? In answering these and other questions, the book explores the dimensions of identity and its potential variations. In fact, new identities are appearing on the social scene, challenging common knowledge and questioning social customs and institutional norms. The author presents an innovative model of inclusion and illustrates the good practices therein, clarifying why inclusion does not only mean fighting discrimination. In its full realization, inclusion is to be conceived as the enhancement of differences. The book is aimed not only at those who work in psychological, sociological, health and educational contexts, and in the public administration, but to all those interested in finding their way in a varied and changing social landscape, as well.

The Shameless. Lives of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender persons. Everyone’s Stories

Original title: Gli svergognati. Vite di gay, lesbiche, trans…storie di tutti 

By: Vaccarello D.

First published in Italy: La Tartaruga, 2002

Genere: Non-fiction

Overview: The book tells true stories of ten people who stopped being ashamed and are finally living their lives as lesbian, transgender or gay persons.
A wife leaves her husband to live with her girlfriend; a transgender person writes to her son explaining that she can no longer be called daddy; a twenty-year-old falls in love with a woman her age by e-mail; a transgender man describes his journey towards an undoubtedly masculine identity. These are some stories in the book. Loving someone of one's own sex or searching for a gender identity other than the one written over the shape of one’s body are considered transgressions if compared to accepted normality. The book aims to place the stories of people defined as gay, lesbian, transgender in the open sea of life. The only possible framework for them is a living space equal for all. Not stories of people who are different, just stories of people.

Shanghai Tango

Original title: Shanghai Tango

By: Xing J.

First published in Italy: Sonzogno Editore, 2006

Genere: Biography

Overview: In the China of the 1970s, young Jin Xing, son of an official of the Ministry of War, attends a ballet in the Manchurian village where he lives and remains fascinated by it. But his future is already decided: he must enlist in the Army. In uniform, Jin has a brilliant career, reaching the rank of colonel, but he is unable to stifle his passion for dance. He therefore enters a national ballet competition, wins, profits from a training course in New York, and begins a professional journey that will lead him to perform in the most famous theaters in the Western world. After gender affirmation surgery, he will also realize another great dream: to become the mother of three children.

Still Human: True Story of a Man Who Never Felt Like a Woman

Original title:Resto umano: storia vera di un uomo che non si è mai sentito donna

By: Lacatena A.P.

First published in Italy: Chinaski, 2014

Genere: Biography

Overview: The book tells the story of Miki (formerly Michela), a man who never felt like a woman. It is a true story, set in the depths of Taranto, but so rich in events and plot twists to leave the reader breathless, like a well-orchestrated novel. It is the story of not only a transition from woman to man, but also of the ability to reclaim one's life when it seemed already written. The book has two parts: the first is the story of Miki's life, the second is an appendix where the reader can find insights into the issues addressed in the protagonist’s reconstruction.

Notes: The Miki in the book is Miki Formisano, a well-known activist in both the transgender world and the fight against HIV.

Stone Butch Blues

Original title:Stone Butch Blues

By: Feinberg L.

First published in Italy: Il Dito e la Luna Ed., 2016

Genere: Novel, transgender fiction, psychological fiction

Overview: Jess’s “journey” through hir identity on the gender borderline, first a woman, then a transgender man. It is also the journey of a community: starting in the 60s, the novel traces, without prejudice, the milestones of gender identity: Stonewall, feminism, the LGBT movement, giving dignity and new meaning to words like butch, femme, drag queen, transgender people, man, woman.

Notes: Stonewall Book Award – Barbara Gittings Literature Award; Lambda Literary Award – Small Press Book Award.

Story of Marcella, Once Marcello

Original title:Storia di Marcella che fu Marcello

By: Berlinguer B.

First published in Italy: Baldini & Castoldi, 2019

Genere: Biography

Overview: The book is based on the biography of Marcella Di Folco, born in Rome in 1943. It traces a part of Italian history through her life: from the recovery after the Second World War to the 1968 explosion, the Rome of Cinecittà and the Dolce Vita. A parallel is drawn between Italy as it grows and flourishes, and Marcella’s growing awareness and her blossoming, from the first operation in Casablanca in the 80s, to the years of civil activism as head of MIT.