Names Out

Original title: Fuori i nomi

By: Alliva S.

First published in Italy: Fandango libri, 2021

Genere: Non-fiction

Overview: A unique collection of words and stories of those who have resisted the violence of the religious right-wing, the deadly scourge of AIDS that wiped out an entire generation, political and social homotransfobia, that prevents the acceptance of full equal rights. Simone Alliva traces and highlights the historical roots of a liberation and empowerment movement. He uses the words of those who have fought those battles themselves, winning, losing, but always believing they are right.

No Cause Is a Lost Cause

Original title: Nessuna causa è persa

By: La Torre C.

First published in Italy: Mondadori, 2020

Genere: Biographies

Overview: Civil and social rights in Italy are constantly under attack, while laws promoting inclusion and integration are procrastinated. Meanwhile, almost every day, there is news of violence against those who embody diversity. But behind every injustice, there is always a face and a story. Cathy La Torre gives voice to these stories, removing them from silence and indifference. The result is a tapestry of stories that speak to us of denied rights and hate crimes, of homotransfobia and revenge porn, of new forms of parenting, and laws yet to be written. It aims to achieve extra-large rights, “comfortable” enough so that no one is excluded.

Notes: The author was named, in 2019, Europe's best pro bono lawyer.