Gender (r)evolution

Original title: Gender (r)evolution

By: Romano M.

First published in Italy: Ugo Mursia Editore, 2017

Genere: Biography

Overview: “The battles of transgender people are universal in scope and improve everyone's lives because the rigid gender expectations of our cultural system oppress every human being, without distinction.” From the Stonewall uprising to the killing of transgender activist Hande Kader, passing through the battles of the Italian LGBT movement, Monica Romano tells, in first person, the story of the long path of affirmation of individual freedoms. A story where the Italian and international transgender movement and community are the protagonists. Her experience as an activist and militant is intertwined with that of some of the best known and most important exponents of the movement. A memoir that invites reflection, and encourages us to face mistrust and commonplaces. It is also an informative text where the lives of the author and her companions are contextualized and enriched by in-depth information sheets, useful to clarify meanings and concepts, against any mystification and prejudice.